Since 2002, we are constantly improving our techniques and technology to be one of the premier welding and fabrication houses in the region. Our welders are held in high regard and routinely travel on-site to a client’s shop to perform training for their welders. We have two AWS welding instructors at the shop at all times and hold several accreditations in NADCAP, ANAB, AWS, CWI, CWE, and six sigma. From being a tier 3 military supplier to regularly performing tight tolerances for precision fabrication (less than ½ mm), the welders and workers at Advanced Welding Technologies are the pros, with every single person taking tremendous pride in their work. With over 150 years of combined welding and fabrication experience, Advanced Welding Technologies (AWT) in Erie, PA has the technical expertise to get any job done and turned around quickly and at a high standard. We are dedicated to performing high-quality work in not only welding and fabrication, but also in machining, prototyping, assembly, powder coating, painting, millipore testing, and more.


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