AWT Inc routinely conducts critical cleaning to make a variety of products engine-ready. Millipore testing is a very popular method of measuring and verifying part cleanliness, and this type of testing process is used to ensure that our customer’s parts and components are meeting or exceeding desired specifications and to verify that of other parts that clients ask us to test.

Metrology Services

AWT Inc. offers comprehensive metrology services to check calibrations and other repairs to make sure they are safe and done properly. We can handle all of your needs at a fraction of the cost of staffing and operating your own metrology lab. Call us today to learn more!


 Not only can we do the welding and fabrication, but we can assemble and finish the product using our 30 foot paint booth. We do powder coating, priming, and much more to save you time and money. Whether the product in question is made of copper, stainless steel, mild carbon steel, or aluminum, we have the experience and expertise to create according to spec.


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