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Welding Training from the Pros

Here at Advanced Welding Technologies, we offer a one-of-a-kind welding training program created by industry professionals, for industry professionals. We have multiple AWS welding instructors on staff and are a wealth of knowledge either for someone who already has some welding experience, or for someone looking to learn a new skill and trade. We can go on-site to a client’s location and train their workers, or have them come to our large facility in Erie, PA and learn on one of our 12 stations with experts on hand to offer guidance and show the proper way to weld multiple materials. Preparation is key, and a structured plan for welding training is the best approach to achieve multiple certifications, designations, and ultimately perform complete, safe, and quality welds demanded today by industry. Learn from the professionals here at AWT Inc., and be set in a career for life! 

Why You Should Learn from Us:

  • Welding Theory
  • Safety Courses
  • Hands on Experience 
  • Learn from Seasoned Pros
  • On-Site Training
  • Different Techniques 
  • Welding for Range of Materials 
  • Proper Maintenance 




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